The Doctor’s Den S01E04: Time, Space and Energy in Ideation

Dr. D. Light discusses Einstein’s E=mc2 as a potential equation to understand how ideas manifest. As part of this discussion we are exposed to the importance of time and space as an initial step into strategic discourse, and why understanding energy is important as we move into the world of strategy.

David A. Leitner takes another step in explaining a Theory of Everything by asking if physics can help explain the use of energy and force in ideational relations. He looks at different agents and structures to see how ideation plays into a discussion of energy, space, and time.

While doing so Dr. D. Light includes some neuroscience, physics, and geology (well sort of…)

Once again – still on the upside of the audio/video editing learning curve, please forgive mistakes.

Reminder – This is not a complete academic theory but a theory in progress. I look foward to your comments and ideas.

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