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Doctrine @ The Doctor’s Den S01E08

Doctrine is an amorphous concept that the military uses to create unity through conceptual continuity. This contradiction is often a basis for strategic failure. So, what is doctrine, and why is it important?

Here Dr. D. Light dissects the concept of doctrine and demonstrates how the theological model is of use in understanding the role of fear in strategic analysis and and decision making? Fear acts as the counterbalance to the resources waystation – which presents the giving mindset.

In this theoretic framework, doctrine acts as a restrictive waystation that limits the ability to use energy. In using fear, Dr. Leitner is presenting the basis for courage and the examination of strengths beyond giving – how holding back, patience for instance, can act as a strength in the face of fear.

In this slightly longer than normal video he provides a macro and micro examination of doctrine as fear in relation to all the waystations of strategy. This presents the opportunity to discuss the potential objectives that will constitute the basis for operation.

Defining Strategy – The Doctor’s Den S01E06

Dr. D. Light finally and slowly moves away from ideation into the strategic phase of the power process. He tiptoes towards a definition of strategy and dips his toe into an explanation about the purpose of strategy in the power process.

The basis for this discussion lies in the decision at the end of the ideational process – to create or destroy…where creation is about preserving /building while destruction is about taking apart/perhaps rebuilding.

This video is the opening salvo in a series that will examine each of the six waystations of strategy – energy, doctrine, organization, control, chance, and goal-setting. After that examination we will discuss means of manifestation, strategic flow, the feedback loop, metrics for success. and much more.


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